Finding Music I’m Talking About

Right now, I’m resisting the urge to get more storage space so I can just post the mp3s I’m talking about.  But, part of the reason I’m doing this is to expose people to music they might not necessarily know or like.  You’re all capable of googling, but one good source for finding the stuff I’m talking about would be (just sign up for a free account).  For songs that have videos, like the subject of my last post, hit youtube (this link is to a fan video that has the album cut, the actual video Tribe did is here.  It’s a funny vid, though I think the video version of the song is a good, but inferior, version compared to the studio cut).  New song post tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Finding Music I’m Talking About”

  1. musicman Says:

    yeah youtube rocks!!!

    can you please review that McDonalds jingle?! “Give me back that filet-o-fish, give me that fish…”

  2. Sriram Says:

    Seeqpod was great for just identifying songs and then ripping them, but have not used it in a while. You a pandora guy?

  3. hammocksrus Says:

    I actually never really got into Pandora. I’ll have to check out seeqpod. I more just cruise some go-to blogs, music sites, and record label sites to find stuff i’m into.

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