And Now For Something Completely Different

Baby Love and Come See About Me – The Supremes

This might be the blogging equivalent of this, though John Cleese would be Operation Ivy and the girls in bikinis would be the Supremes.  From a California ska punk band that lasted two years, to a Motown trio of some of the most beautiful voices in pop history that had a career of 18 years, though the powerhouse trio pictured here last about 7 years.

I think most people are familiar with these songs, but they are the kinds of songs you take for granted.  About a year ago, I got the 10 disc box set of all the Motown Records Number 1s.  The first couple disks are a murders row of great songs.  A great number of those songs will probably make their way onto this blog.

Both of these songs came out in 1964 and hit number one as they came into their own were in a streak of releasing FIVE straight number one songs.  So, if I had to choose one of these songs, think I would give a slight edge to Baby Love.  Vocally, Ross is outstanding on both tracks, but her cooing intro and the vulnerable sound of her voice on Baby Love makes you believe that Ross is girl she’s singing about (though it could be a guy).  The sax in Baby Love is as integral as the singers, providing a tenor counterbalance to their sweet voices.

I’d never really paid too much attention to the lyrics of either song, but the subject matter doesn’t match the pretty voices singing.  Baby Love is about trying to win someone back who “treats you bad.”  And Come See About Me, I would argue, could be a stalker anthem.  It’s about getting a guy that isn’t paying attention to you.  The happy singing and upbeat backing track hide desperate lines like “I’ve given up my friends, just for you” and the semi-sinister “No matter what you do or say, I’m gonna have you anyway.”   Yikes, girls!  Hmm, maybe this wasn’t something completely different.

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2 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. Sriram Says:

    “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” – quality 2002 doc about the Funk Brothers – the sessions musicians for Motown’s golden age. Much like people who write standardized tests (ok, bias acknowledged) … the people who play music on motown classic records – just often you forget someone actually DID that

  2. The T.A.M.I. Show « Nothing to Write Home About Says:

    […] play Baby Love, which I’ve written about before.  Closeups of Diana Ross’ hairdo show that there is a solution to the NFL’s concussion […]

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