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Search & Destroy – Iggy & The Stooges from Raw Power

Go.  This song wastes no time with a build up.  From second one, it’s fast, loud and abrasive.  The drums and bass chug along in the back of the mix, the drumming seemingly all snare and cymbals.  The lead guitar rises to the forefront at times and there’s even a short solo in the middle of the song.

Iggy Pop rhymes napalm with a-bomb in the first verse and talks about “love in the middle of a firefight” later on.  Violent imagery, and not out of place for a song called Search & Destroy, nor given the year this was written, 1973.   But that is juxtaposed against him singing that he’s a “runaway son” and that “someone’s gotta save my soul.”  He’s “the world’s forgotten boy.”  Pop’s voice doesn’t have the tongue-in-cheek quality he has in some of his songs; here he’s straightforward and sincere.

It’s the perfect match to the music accompanying him.  They don’t let up and Pop is reduced to yelps and screams as the song winds down in its last 15 seconds.  This is song is, as the album title puts it, raw power.

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