Good Day

Don’t Die In Me – Mirah from C’mon Miracle

Good day is the Jewish translation of Mirah’s name.  A worthy name for a singer/songwriter with a sweet and tender voice.  She’s from Philly, but we won’t hold that against her.  Someone who writes songs like this shouldn’t be associated with these people.

I’m not even sure where I downloaded this song from, but it immediately sent me out looking for other stuff by her.  Like the Jenny Lewis song I wrote about, this is mostly just a guitar and Mirah’s voice as instruments, though drums get added into the mix as the song moves along.  While the Lewis song evoked a story, Mirah’s song evokes a mood.  Given the song title, the undercurrent of sadness in her soft, slightly raspy delivery, and the brooding chug of the guitar and drums, I’m always surprised how this song makes me happy.

She evokes some interesting imagery of “mighty continents divided for a second time in all history” “floating free” and “an apple with a tougher skin while you got your pretty scales and fins.”  The song seems to be one of love lost, “all the million of mistakes and the kicks in the face” but that she doesn’t want “you to die in me.”  I take this line to mean that she isn’t yet ready to let this person go, to forget them, to let them die off from her consciousness.  Something we can all relate to, be it a significant other, a friend or relative.

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2 Responses to “Good Day”

  1. tsblogger Says:

    I’ll have you know that lots of good stuff comes from Philly. Youtube is blocked from work so I’ll check out her song later when I go home. I like the use of adjectives in your review. Peace-out.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Good find…and the video is fun

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