This Glass is Definitely Half Full

Geto Boyz – Glass Candy from Geto Boyz 12″

Sometimes a great song can be simple.  And when the backbone of your song is one of the greatest beats of hip-hop history, there’s not too much more you need to do.  Taking the beat from the Geto Boys’ fabulous Mind Playing Tricks on Me, Glass Candy adds some handclaps, some wooos, the dreamy vocals of lead singer Ida No, and a random laser sound effect to create a great song to listen to as you sit back out on your deck on a beautiful evening enjoying a drink.  Ida reinforces my thoughts on her song as she says “This is a message to all our friends/this summer is going to be sick/all our friends look good and we’re coming to see you/we’ll dance all night and if you need more just look us up/that’s right everybody for a good time call Glass Candy.”

So kick back as the summer starts and crank up this song before you head out for the night.

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