Instrumental Goodness

The Day After Yesterday – El-P from Collecting the Kid

Known as one of hip-hops most verbose MCs, El-P has also proven he can let his music speak for itself.  First with Company Flow’s Little Johnny From the Hospital, and in his later solo efforts, El-P has created some memorable hip-hop instrumental tracks.

This one gets me because it takes abrasive sounds and makes beautiful music.  A fuzzed-out synth, an almost hammer-like breakbeat, and a sampled “woo” form the guts of this song.  He then layers in horns which come and go, adding a ghostly quality to the song.  While the breakbeat stays pretty constant throughout, the synth is working to its own beat, moving around at its own pace, especially during the last minute of the song.  The off-kilterness works.  There is definitely a free-form jazz quality to this, which isn’t suprising since this was in the follow-up to an album he did collaborating with a jazz band.  I hope El-P continues to explore this side of his musical talent.

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