One Man, Great Cover

Rescue – Kelley Stoltz from Crockodials

Covers can be a tricky proposition for an artist.  Taking a song that is usually beloved by the audience of that artist, and trying to either faithfully recreate it or add your own artistic spin to it.  Without doing this (shudder).  Kelley Stoltz avoids Duran Duran’s mistake and does a pretty close facsimile of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Rescue.  In fact, he decided to rerecord the entire Crocodiles album on which this song appears.  By himself, doing all the instrumentation (or so I read).  On an 8-track tape recorder.

The lo-fi aspect of the song I actually like.  The opening guitar chords are obviously not as produced, but it has a sharper edge to it than the shimmery original.  The instrumentation in general is more in your face than the original.  Stoltz doesn’t have the vocals of Ian McCulloch and the recording buries the vocals a bit as opposed to the original where the vocals dominate, but he has vocal chops and he stays pretty true to the original inflections and pauses of McCulloch.  He also replaces a full drum set with a simple tambourine (which has a role in the original) and works well with the sound of Stoltz’s guitar.

After listening to both the original and Stoltz’s a few times, I think if I had to choose one I would go with this lo-fi piece of coal over the polished gem of the original.

Here’s a live version from youtube with a full band:

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