Exhibit A

Entropy (Part A – The Third Decade, Our Move) – DJ Shadow from Solesides Greatest Bumps

This song comes from the 17 minute Entropy piece that DJ Shadow created in the years before the classic Endtroducing. On that album, he would perfect a complex, layered approach to his DJ craft; this song hints at what was to come.  A voice sample and rolling cymbals introduces Mr. Davis.  Then the beat kicks in, a sweet snare and cymbal combo.  Vocal samples come and go (discussing the merits of “rappin”),  a horn sample comes in (right before a sample of a guy saying “he did what the kids call sampling”), scratches flit around the edges of the song, later becoming more pronounced and anchoring the middle of the song.  This definitely has more of a “party” vibe than much of the stuff on Endtroducing, the drum samples alone want you to get off your seat and dance, whereas a lot of the Endtroducing stuff has a more laid back tone (you still say, that’s a killer beat, but you’re willing to just sit back and enjoy it).  Or at least that’s how I see it.  Youtube link to the song:

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