I’m Free – Soup Dragons from Lovegod

In my last post I mentioned how emotional response (due to its convergence with a specific event or just a time in your life) to a song can cloud our objective thoughts about a song.  I think this song may fit into that category.  Released in 1990, at a time when I was expanding my musical horizons from classic rock and finding the varied wonders of “alternative music”, this song was a minor hit and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was not quite a traditional rock song, there was a bounce in its step that was characteristic of other early 90 british bands creating danceable rock (i.e., Primal Scream).  The reggae toasting of Junior Reid and the female backup singers gospel-like singing on the chorus added to the “newness” of the approach to a rock song for me.  Of course, they were one of many bands doing this at the time in Britain.  But as my personal introduction, the song holds a special place in my musical heart.

I still find it a very good song, though it’s definitely a bit dated now.  There’s something a little stiff about the first part of the song, though Reid’s mid-song interlude and what follows seems to loosen things up.

The other thing about the song that I never knew, or knew and forgot at some point in the last 20 years, is that this is a Rolling Stones cover.  Maybe in my youth I was subconsciously drawn to the song for this reason given my classic rock upbringing.  Once knowing this, it’s kinda funny because Sean Dickson’s vocals do a pretty good Mick Jagger impression.  The original is also much more sparse in instrumentation, and I actually think the additions made by the Soup Dragons make it their own, so people like me forget this is even a cover.

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