Splish Splash

Cish Cash – Basement Jaxx (ft. Siouxsie Sioux) from Kish Kash

A dance-y song with a heavy edge, lyrics lambasting the excesses of capitalism sung by a female.  M.I.A., right?  Nope.  Listening to this song recently I was struck by how this could song could have ended up on an M.I.A. album (most likely her latest) and you wouldn’t really even think twice about it.  Instead, it’s an effort created two years prior to the first proper M.I.A. album by the DJ duo Basement Jaxx, with the vocal assistance of Ms. Goth, Siouxsie Sioux.

A thoroughably bumpin’ bass and drum groove are the foundation onto which Siouxsie lays down her velvetly, yet venomous, voice.  The sing-song chorus “You want it, you take it, you take it, you got it, you want it, you take it, you’re insatiable” is as catchy as the music under it, and underlines the message of the song that money “makes the world spin round.”   A variation of theme on the Wu’s “cash rules everything around me”, but just as captivating.

There’s a quick mid-song breakdown that comes suddenly and spasmically with some staccato drum beats, and then builds back to that same bass and drum.  Assorted laser-y sound effects bleep and blip here and there throughout the song to great effect as well.  Bottom line, get “your hands out for the bloody pound” and grab a copy of this song.

A slightly shortened version for the video:

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