Ya mama’s so fat…

Ya Mama – Pharcyde from Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde

Having arrived in Los Angeles, thought I would do a shout-out to a song by one of my favorite LA rap groups.  Coming out of South Central LA, they released a debut album that was not the hardcore gangsta rap album you’d expect given their birthplaces.  Instead, the album is full of upbeat backing tracks laid down over witty, funny lyrics.  No song exemplifies the lightheartedness of the Pharcyde more than “Ya Mama”.

Taking the simple premise of the “ya mama” joke launched between friends (and enemies) across the nation’s schoolyards, Pharcyde decided to expand the premise into a full length song.  As I’ve said before, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.  All four members trade insults about their moms over an organ-driven track that matches the whimsy of the four guys’ barbs.  They laugh along with the listener as the various “ya mama” jokes fly.

Personal favorites:  “ya mama got a glass eye with a fish in it,” “ya mama’s got a pegleg with a kickstand,” “ya mama’s got an afro with a chinstrap,” and “ya mama got snakeskin teeth.”

That’s gold, Pharcyde.  That’s gold.

Here’s the accompanying silly video:

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