That Hit the Spot(ify)

A few of my friends had been talking about this new music website called Spotify.  It’s a streaming site that apparently has around 15 million songs on it and had only been available in Europe.  And best of all, it’s free*.  And now it’s here for us Amuricans!

Go to the site and you can request an invitation, or if you have any European friends, they probably have a few invitations to dole out as Spotify has given those users invitations to introduce Statesiders.  Or if you are flush with cash and like cutting to the front of lines, you can sign up for their unlimited or premium service.

If you go the free route, you’ll get an email with a link.  After a quick account setup, you download the spotify player.  It was quick and doesn’t seem to be a space hog or cause any sort of crashes.  The interface is clean and simple, I was up and running in no time and doing searches to check out how deep the library really was.  I checked into a band playing at Spaceland here in LA tonight, and generally Spaceland bands are a step before “up and coming.”  Spotify not only found the band, but every album from them.  So, it’s a great tool for music hounds and can eliminate the need to head to file sharing sites to download music.  Now you can give a preview listen to an album and then decide whether it’s worth spending your hard-earned money for the mp3 or CD version.  For example, I was flip-flopping about purchasing the new Beasties album, but gave the whole album a listen and I’ll definitely be using some Itunes credits to get it.

Spotify will also upload all your songs on your local drive and sync your playlists on Itunes.  There also seems to be a nice interface with Facebook, so that if you are diggin’ a song, you can share it with your friends.  I apologize in advance to my FB friends, as I will probably be taking advantage of this feature often.

Now, regarding the asterisk I put next to free above, if you decide not to pay anything to Spotify, you do have to put up with intermittent ads.  This isn’t that much of a problem when you are just surfing around, but when you are listening to a full album it can be a bit annoying.  I was listening to Bon Iver’s newest disc, and the peaceful calm his music creates was interrupted several times by jarring ads for Spotify’s pay services or DJ Khaled’s new album.  I’ll probably stick with the free service for now, but if I ever enter the smartphone world I might think about an upgrade since the pay services seem to offer more functionalities to those users.

I’ll give an update after I’ve had some more experience with it, but my early review is a definite recommend.

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