Spotify My Soul – Aug. 21, 2011

This week was a heavy on the retro tip for me, looking back at albums I either haven’t listened to in a long time, or never got around to listening to.

  • My Bloody Valentine, Loveless.  Even though I was always a fan of shoegaze, I never had given more than a cursory to a seminal work in the genre.  This is an album that deserves all the accolades that it has received since it’s release in 1991.  Noise with a purpose, the texturing and layering of sound is beautiful stuff.
  • Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed.  Unlike the Beatles or the Who, I have never gotten through the album discography of the Stones.  The hits from this album are many, so a lot of these songs I’d heard, but put together in the album it takes on a whole new dimension.  Midnight Rambler is still one of my favorite Stones songs; Monkey Man is a strong track I’d never heard (and was clipped in a hip hop song that I’m struggling to remember, urg).
  • Black Keys, Magic Potion.  I’d gotten their first couple releases, and their latest; but had never made an attempt to get this or Attack & Release.  Not sure why, this is a solid record that I plan on listening to some more.
  • James Blake, James Blake.  Released earlier this year, and fawned over by Pitchfork and its ilk, I’d been wanting to see what the buzz was about.  Like Loveless, these are nuanced compositions that deserve multiple listens.  The music is coupled with a surprisingly sweet voice to create some soothing songs.
  • Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, Rome.  Continuing to create gold with whatever he touches, Danger Mouse’s latest is a collaboration with Italian composer Daniele Luppi that serves as an homage to the soundtracks of spaghetti westerns.  I really liked the laid back tracks he created as musical backdrop for James Mercer’s vocals on last year’s Broken Bells release and I got the same feeling from this album, though this time the vocals come courtesy of Norah Jones and Jack White (glad he was able to find employment again).

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