Music for the Occupy Wall Street Crowd

Trigger Hippie – Morcheeba from Who Can You Trust?

I had drafted this post a few weeks before Occupy Wall Street and its brethen began, and while there hasn’t been a lot of agreement among the protesters on what they are there for and what they want, I think this may be a song that a lot the crowd would get behind.

As both the band’s and song’s name suggest, this is a pretty chilled out song.  Following the blueprint created by their  fellow Brits Massive Attack (including Tricky’s early solo efforts) and Portishead, Morcheeba’s first album combined dubby, languid beats with throaty vocals to create music stoners (and foes of big corporations) can munch Cheetos to (or plan tomorrow’s protest to).  Better yet, put down the pipe (I’m applying this to both groups) and this song will provide you with the relaxation you may be seeking without having to leave your couch to score some more weed or head to Bank of America for a sit-in.

An eastern-leaning guitar groove and some dub effects introduce the beat, which quietly lays in the background and then gives you a little “boo” around 45 seconds in as the drum kicks get louder.  The chorus adds some scratching and a sampled voice proclaiming “goddamn.”  But, the music continues to be a soft bed to lie in.  And tucking you in with a blanket of dreamy vocals is lead singer Skye Edwards.  She rolls out syllables, makes dramatic pauses, and her chorus of “love, love, love/I’m a trigger hippie/yeah” is sublime.  By the end of the song you should feel relaxed and at peace with your fellow man.  So hit repeat and keep the hippie trip going.

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