Before There Was Lollapalooza…

Jane’s Addiction – Stop from Ritual de lo Habitual

…Perry Farrell’s band had to get famous enough to get people to buy into his idea of a traveling festival of alterna-rock and hip-hop.  With the first single off their second proper album, they were on their way, cementing that fame with the even more popular Been Caught Stealing (though I’ll never quite understand that song’s popularity, that song irritates the hell out of me).

As an album opener, Stop definitely draws you in.  A female voice, speaking in Spanish, introduces us to “Juana’s addicion.”  And then, unlike it’s title suggests, Stop is off to the races.  In terms of tempo, the album starts off at a 10 and slowly winds down to the positively mellow Classic Girl.

Dave Navarro’s guitar riff sets you up, and then Perry knocks you down as he shouts “Here We Go!”  and the drums and bass kick in.  The frenetic pace continues until about halfway through the song, when the tempo, but not the intensity, slows down to let you catch your breath.  Dave then has a wild guitar solo while drummer Stephen Perkins’ hi-hat and snare hits bounce off the walls.  Throughout Perry’s lyrics, which when you read them on the page make absolutely no sense, are given a good amount of echo that kinda of takes away from the somewhat nasally delivery he has.

I also like at the end of the song, the band gives you a gotcha moment, since when the music fades out and Perry is left singing alone, you’re expecting the song to end.  Instead, they hit you one more time with all their fury.

The band has recently reformed, minus original bassist Eric Avery, and released new material.  Predictably, the album has not gotten much love.  This is in no small part to the legacy left to critics and fans alike by songs like this one.  Older and relatively more sober, I think it’s unfair to expect bands that were so raw in their prime to create another Stop or something with the epic sprawl of Mountain Song.  But therein lies the rub.  Those great songs give bands freedom to keep trying, much like previous success on the gridiron will ensure that Dan Synder will try to sign you to his football team. The results aren’t usually pretty and you go back to your music vault for those classics (or in Synder’s case you go to the NFL Films vaults to watch video of when his veteran players were actually good):


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2 Responses to “Before There Was Lollapalooza…”

  1. tsblogger Says:

    Have you heard RHCP’s new album? If so, what do you think of it?

    • Hammocksrus Says:

      Didn’t know they had one out! Will check it out and get back to you. What made you think of rchp in a jane’s addiction post?

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