SXSW 3/14/13 Cayucas

Moved over to the convention center’s Radio stage to see San Luis Obispo’s Cayucas. I’ve liked the two songs playing on satellite radio now so I was excited about their set. Those songs definitely have a beach-y vibe and their set lived up to that expectation. There was definite reggae and beach boys harmony influences, one of my friends thought Jimmy Buffett. They did have a pineapple maraca, so not entirely an unfair comparison.

As a new and “upcoming” band, they showed definite signs of nervousness. The big room was mostly empty which didn’t help as the good vibes they were sending out got lost quickly in the big hall. The songs were technically proficient and nice, but they couldn’t overcome the obvious uncomfortableness. The only one who seemed to be having fun was the keyboardist. I’d give them another chance at a smaller venue.

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