SXSW 3/14/13 Shout Out Louds & Local Natives

We went back to the venue we’d seen Bastille at to try and catch Local Natives. We’d missed them in LA a couple times so I really wanted to see them.

Unfortunately, when we arrived it was packed and the “line” to get in was a cluster, to put it mildly. We got close to the front of the line while Shout Out Louds were playing. Since it was an outdoor venue on a patio below the street, between two buildings, we could see and hear the band.

Shout Out Louds are from Sweden and have the pop sensibilities that Swedes seem to be born with. They play hooky guitar pop that seemed to get the audience inside moving. I’ll admit that I was a little preoccupied with jockeying for position at the front of the line and so I probably didn’t get the full enjoyment from their set that I should have.

It became clear that we weren’t getting in when the security move the entrance to the line 5 ft from where it was when we were three people away from the front. This was the only venue all weekend that didn’t seem to have its act together with lines.

So we got to watch Local Natives from the sidewalk above, along with at least 100 others. Their brand of rock is well suited for outdoors on a sunny day, mixing guitar licks with harmonizing vocals. They did a mix of songs from their debut and just-debuted new disc. Taylor Rice gave a heartfelt thanks during the set to SXSW and its fans for helping their success to date. And that gratitude shone through in a tight set highlighted by closer Sun Hands. The crowd sang along with the chorus, the band freaked out appropriately with vicious guitar and drums missing, and then brought us all down lightly with an extended outro. Great end to the day portion of Thursday. Next up, night descends and more bands appear.

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