Getting Back at It

Been quite a while since I posted anything, had a little thing called a wedding/honeymoon keep me occupied for the past month or so, and then getting back into the swing of things after our return.  We debuted the first single from Daft Punk’s new album (thanks Ken!) the day after it was released on the dancefloor at our wedding.  My gut reaction when it first came on was, well this is no Homework, but it quickly turned me to its side.  Having listened to the whole album now a couple times over the past two weeks, I’ll admit this is better than Homework, or Discovery, or anything they’ve done as an album.  For a good review of the album, check out my friend Meadow Muffins’ review.  On our honeymoon, we got to take in a night of live jazz at the Copenhagen Jazz House, which was a great experience.  Made me want to delve into jazz more deeply.  I recently found the Blue Note app on Spotify and have been randomly listening to some albums from different eras of the legendary label.

I have a lot of stuff to get to.  Lots of reviews still left over from SXSW.  I’ll have more concerts to review as well, going to see Bjork Wednesday at the Hollywood Palladium, and have tickets to see two faves from SXSW, Alt-J and Local Natives later this summer.

One other quick note about an album that came out of nowhere for me was Tricky’s new one, False Idols.  I didn’t even know he had something coming out, his output in recent years has been shoddy, in my opinion, at not up to the classic sounds he was creating in the early 90s as one of the “stars” of trip-hop coming out of England.  This album is a return to that form.  He’s found a new stable of female singers to accompany his growling voice.  Here’s a video for Does It, love the bass line running through this track:

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