Quick Listens

Listened to several albums this week I thought worth noting, a couple are up on NPR Music’s First Listen page, so you should check them out over the next few days, or wait until your streaming source of choice has them up.

  • Superchunk, I Hate Music – a funny title from a band that’s been around the block.  Can’t say I’m a fan, have heard songs here and there from them over the years and it never really stuck with me, but I really enjoyed this.  The sound took me back to the early 90s, and I mean that in the best way possible.
  • Ty Segall, Sleepers – this guy can’t seem to stop making music.  Good thing, since he’s so good at making shredding guitar rock.  This record is actually a little more mellow, which I thought was a nice change of pace.  He still rocks, just a little gentler.
  • No Age, An Object – some good smart punkish tunes.  Opening song No Ground reminded me a lot of Sisterworld-era Liars, I really liked that one and the rest had a similar vibe.
  • We Are Loud Whispers, Suchness – quiet, blissful music that might lose your interest if they didn’t throw in so many glitch-y electronics to keep things interesting.  This was released back in May, thanks to Traveling Angeleno for the tip!  Perfect for relaxing after a long day.  You can still stream the album here.

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