SXSW 3/14/13 Frightened Rabbit

After Atlas/Genius’ set, the international portion of the evening continued with Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit. The first of the “featured bands” of the night, I was excited to see them as they had been on our list of bands to see based on listening to their newest release, Pedestrian Verse.

The most veteran band to play so far in the night, you would think their stage presence wouldn’t be a problem. Their music is a little on the dour side, but my overall impression of their time on stage was “flat”.

Partially that memory might be tainted by the act that followed (more on that next time), but I do remember commenting after they finished that they had sucked some energy out of the room. It was a “by the numbers” set that could have left you wondering if they should have been named Deer in Headlights.

That’s just my opinion of course, and a band is entitled to an off night just the same as anyone can at their job.

Here’s a short video from someone who must have been standing very close to us, audio quality is bad:

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