Year End Favorites

Here’s some of the albums I enjoyed this year, in no particular order, there’s plenty of other places to find the expert’s best ofs:

1) Lorde – Pure Heroine. Get past Tennis Courts and Royals and there is still a lot of good stuff, solid from front to back.

2) Ty Segall – Sleeper. Surprised this quieter version of Ty’s guitar rock didn’t make it higher on best of lists.

3) Daft Punk – RAM. Very relistenable, it all fits together so well.

4) Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady. An album I want to spend more time listening to, but really fun and ropes in some elements of good 80s pop.

5) Autre Ne Veut- Anxiety. One of the best synth pop albums in a year that seemed to be full of that genre.

6) Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels. A lot of the hyped hip hop this year didn’t make an impression on me, but this one delivers the goods. Can’t wait to see if this was a one-off or there’s more to come.

7) Disclosure – Settle. Best electronic dance album I’ve heard in awhile, it works as standalone songs and fits together to listen to all in one sitting, can’t usually say that about dance records.

And for us 90s lovers, in addition to MBV’s new album, Tricky and Primal Scream both put out solid albums this year.

Sleeper earworm song, when you get past the obvious choices, for me was Foals My Number. Nice song with a great chorus that gets stuck in my head.

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