SXSW 2014 Wednesday Day Session: Pusha T


Pusha T was playing at the Mohawk’s outdoor stage when we were exiting from the indoor set of Deap Vally, so we decided to stick around and see the last few songs of his set closing down the day show at Mohawk.  I haven’t heard much of his stuff as a solo artist, but I’d always liked the songs by Clipse I’ve heard.  The crowd seemed to really be hyped up and we couldn’t get much closer than the back bar.

It was a fun ending to the day and kept our energy going from the last set.  He’s got a nice flow and has a great stage presence.  When he was signaled that it was time to end his set, he politely declined and played another song.  The crowd was not upset over that decision.  Hands were thrown in the air, Pusha gave a shout out to some of the Odd Future rappers that were in the crowd, and he left the stage triumphantly on his own terms.

Crowds were already queuing up outside for the night show.   Our plans for the night were down the street at Stubb’s so we walked down the closed off street that hours later would be the site of a horrible accident.  But for now, we were in a great mood after a fantastic first afternoon at SXSW 2014.

Here’s some footage from Pusha’s set, mostly his performance of Clipse hit “Grindin” that also explains why the Odd Future love got shown.

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