Quick Hit or Miss? – Sleater Kinney, No Cities To Love

Something I’m going to try more this year is to give some brief thoughts on new albums as they come out. We’ll see how it goes.

A long awaited return, worth the wait? I think so, as long as you’re not looking for all the rawness of their earlier stuff. The second half seemed harder, with more angry riffs and agitated vocals from Carrie Brownstein that approximate their earlier work. The first half I found more enjoyable, opener Price Tag and No Cities To Love are standouts, with fabulous choruses and riffs that will get your head bobbing and toes tapping. Portions of the first half were downright upbeat in tone that reminded me of YACHT or last year’s Ex Hex album.

I wrote recently about how Beck’s latest album got knocked a bit for being inauthentic because he was not in a “sad” place in life and yet wrote a melancholy album. I wonder if any of those same writers will get on the women of Sleater Kinney at all for writing an album that’s in line with previous efforts while their lives have changed (this might mostly fall on Brownstein for her Portlandia fame) so that the anger is now manufactured.

I’d recommend at least streaming this, it’s a real “album” with a real Side A/B feel and not a stinker in the ten tracks.

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2 Responses to “Quick Hit or Miss? – Sleater Kinney, No Cities To Love”

  1. Sriram Says:

    You hear the wild flag stuff? Does it fit more into that sort of thing than the early days?

    • hammocksrus Says:

      I’d say the first half is definitely more like the Wild Flag stuff, the back end is a little more like early days, though I’m not an avid fan so I am no expert on this band.

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