You Call That A Shuffle?

GorillazAlbum 220px-Bjork_Greatest_Hits-2 220px-Imnewhere-2I’m back to give this another go!  See this post for the ground rules.  Here’s what came up this week:

  1. Gorillaz, Slow Country from Gorillaz.  Three stars.  What struck me in hearing this song now, after not really listening to the Gorillaz debut for quite awhile, was how much this particular song’s melancholy, piano, and horns seems an obvious seed for songs that would be all over Damon Albarn’s own solo album 13 years later.  I think this song just doesn’t fit into the flow of the Gorillaz album and is part of a final third of the album that doesn’t quite live up to the first 10 songs.
  2. Bjork, Isobel, from Greatest Hits. Three stars. Originally appearing on her third album, Post, this song has an interesting, almost galloping beat and Bjork’s voice is always a thing of beauty.  What I sometimes don’t like with her music is the orchestral flourishes of some of her songs; it just distracts from the other elements of her music that I personally like better.  Probably why I only gave this three stars. Interestingly, this song is part of a trio of songs about the character Isobel and one of those other songs is Human Behavior, which is one of my favorite Bjork songs.
  3. Gil Scott Heron, Running, from I’m New Here.  Three stars.  From the blues/jazz/soul singer’s last album, this song is definitely a spoken word piece accompanied by a spare bass beat hearkening 90s trip hop.  Heron’s voice is gruff, weighted down by his years and his lyrics deftly playing with various meanings of “running”.  A quick song at just over 2 minutes, this just doesn’t have the staying power of some of his other songs on this album.

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