Quick Hit or Miss – David Bowie, Blackstar

Blackstar_(Front_Cover)I mentioned in my short post after his death that I would make sure to listen to his last album and post about my thoughts.  I’ve gone through the entire album a handful of times and what I’m most struck by is how “unrock” it is.  There’s a good bit of jazz elements, especially prominent placement of saxophone on the first three songs.  I learned researching this album that sax was the first instrument Bowie learned to play; I have to think this was a deliberate choice by Bowie to lean so heavily on that instrument in his final album.  The title track, which leads off the album, is a three part suite that has a good dose of that sax and singing that verges on Gregorian chanting at times.  The first and third parts of the song have a glitchy, post-OK Computer Radiohead vibe.

The sax stays in the fore in both the second and third songs.  Lazarus, the third track, is the best song on the album.  It’s got a great atmosphere with that sax and guitar stabs punctuating his pointed lyrics that definitely seem to be rooted in the knowledge of his impending death.  The fourth track, Sue, has a little drum n bass breakdown at the beginning and morphs into an uptempo and instrumental freak out at the end.  The energy slows down a bit on the next track, which to me has a dub sound.  Dollar Days is the track with the most prominent guitar and because of that it has a heavier sound than a lot of the other tracks.

It’s a testament to his innovative spirit that Bowie continued to stretch and look for new inspirations even at this point in his career, much less his life.  He could have easily put out a guitar-driven album that rehashed some of his “classic” works.  I would definitely put this in the Hit category; Lazarus is a bona fide entry into his best songs canon and the album as a whole has new things to discover on repeat listens.

Here’s the video for Lazarus:

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