A Different Kind of Map (and a Fun Time Waster)

Been awhile since I posted. I have a backlog of albums I’ve been listening to that I want to put some words down on, but before I get to those I wanted to let you know about a great little site I recently found out about.  Every Noise at Once has a singular purpose: to map out musical genres to aid your exploration of music.  Currently it stands at 1491 unique genres that map to Spotify genres.  The home page displays the genres as a word map and it certainly seems overwhelming.  You can click on a genre to hear a representative sample of the genre.  Click on the arrow that appears when you hover over a genre and a new page will open with a map of the artists in that genre.

You can also view the genres in a list and sort by a handful of filters.  So, if you wanted to find some super fast music, explore Neurostep and Darkstep.  A Spotify playlist will appear that will allow you to find out what Neurostep and Darkstep are; I had no ideas these were genres.  You can also search by an artist to find out what genres are associated with it.  I put in Portishead and it came up with the following genres: chamber pop, electronic, laboratorio, and trip hop.   Having never heard of laboratorio, I’ll go back to that genre and see what other bands come up.

It definitely seems like an interesting way to explore new music or just a good mind-veg while you’re sitting on your train or bus.  Also, as someone who spends probably way to much time organizing my online musical collection by genre, it will be a nice tool to help with that exercise.

Here is the link to the site: http://everynoise.com/engenremap.html

And here’s a nice little backstory from creator Glenn McDonald on the project: http://blog.echonest.com/post/52385283599/how-we-understand-music-genres

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