You Call That A Shuffle

First shuffle of 2017:

  1. Pearl Jam, Off He Goes from Rearviewmirror.  Four Stars.  Of the first wave of grunge bands, I’ll say I wasn’t a huge fan of Pearl Jam. Vedder’s vocals were annoying to me as opposed to the pipes of a Chris Cornell.  They didn’t seem to have the same raw energy as Nirvana. Time, though, has been kind to Pearl Jam, at least in my eyes.  This song appeared on their fourth album, No Code.  This is a subdued PJ song with an acoustic guitar anchoring a song about something pretty universal, a friend who comes in and out of your life.  Apparently, Vedder said this song was about himself.  I can see it, but he can be somewhat forgiven because at least he turned that negative trait into a very pretty song.
  2. Toshinori Kondo & DJ Krush, Tobira-3 from Ki-Oku.  Four Stars.  The last track on the album, this is the third of three interlude tracks between longer songs.  At only :44 seconds, usually I wouldn’t give such a short track four stars but damn, this is a good beat.  DJ Krush is a Japanese DJ that has made a series of very good albums that often remind me of DJ Shadow’s early works.  Toshinoro Kondo is an avant garde trumpeter.  The bass in this beat lands with a thud and Kondo’s trumpet notes sound like they being pricked with a pin and the sound is rushing out.  I would have liked to see this extended to a more proper song, but I’ll take it.
  3. Betty Harris, There’s A Break In The Road from Soul Diva Sessions.  Four Stars.  This song was put out as a single in 1969, and while Harris had quite a few soul ballads put out during the early 60s, I’d say this song is more of a funk piece.  Makes sense as this was part of her work produced by Allen Touissant.  This has got a raw drum break, plenty of trumpets, some squealing guitar, a funky bass line and Harris almost fools you into thinking  you’re hearing vintage Aretha belting out the chorus.

Since that last one is probably the hardest to find, here you go:

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