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South By Southwest Five

December 5, 2012

So, I’m finally getting around to going to SXSW in 2013!  Passes are secured, plane and hotel reservations are booked, it’s really happening.  In anticipation, I’ve decided to try and listen to as many bands that are going to be there in advance to hopefully go in with some sort of gameplan for who I’ll want to see.  After the first wave of bands were announced (headlined by Thurston Moore, yes please!), I did my nerdy thing and created an Excel spreadsheet with all the bands and as I listen I’m taking some notes on what I think and whether I’d want to see them in March.  So, I figured I’d share some bands that seemed interesting, good, weird, etc. over the next few months.  And with another slew of bands announced today, I’ll have plenty of material!

So for the first edition of the SXSW Five:

1) Daniel Bachman (Fredericksburg, VA) – Some sweet guitar picking action.

2) BADBADNOTGOOD (Toronto) – Loungy, laid back funk/instrumental hip hop.  Get their second album here.

3) Bastille (London) – Synth pop with a love of David Lynch.

4) Battleme (Portland, OR) – Indie rock, some folky stuff, some more uptempo.  Good cover of “Hey Hey My My”.

5) Black Fire Pistol (Austin, TX) – blues based guitar rock.  Think Black Keys before “Gold On the Ceiling”.