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Quick Hit or Miss – Heems, Eat, Pray, Thug

May 2, 2015

A solo album from former Das Racist member, I went in with trepidation as I never particularly got into Heems’ former group. The first song, Sometimes, won me over in a big way. The beat is pretty minimal but still brings the boom and Heems’ wordplay is fantastic. Generally the rest of the album follows that same formula, though there’s definitely parts that drag (Damn, Girl and Suicide by Cop) and the party atmosphere of the opener isn’t there on other songs that focus on serious subjects like his experiences as a brown manĀ in post 9/11 NYC. I’d liken the experience of this album to a less dense (production wise) El-P album. So, I’d recommend this unless 90’s/early 00’s NYC hip hop isn’t your speed.

Here’s opener Sometimes: