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You Don’t Say Mr. 3000

February 26, 2012

Just wanted to do a quick post about a new song that came out last week, a collaboration between Gorillaz, James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) and Andre 3000.  It’s part of a series that Converse is sponsoring with the gimmick being 3 artists, one song.  The version on Converse’s website is available for free downloading and it sounds mostly like a Gorillaz song with a super-speedy Andre killing a verse; the Murphy touch doesn’t really seem to be there.

But check out the extended version playing over at Stereogum.  This goes an additional 9 minutes, the majority of it being taken up by additional Andre verses and the electro noisemaking that is the hallmark of Murphy.  Those 9 minutes are basically an LCD Soundsystem track with Andre 3000 rapping instead of Murphy.  Which sounds pretty good to me.  A good bit of Andre’s extended vocals include him asserting variations on the theme, “I’m the shit.”  I’m sure this might get tiresome for some, I thought it was fantastic.  Maybe Converse’s new marketing campaign can revolve around the fact their shoes are in fact, “the shit”.  That would be cool, but still won’t top this:

Coming Soon: LCD Soundsystem Concert Film!

January 11, 2012

Noticed on Pitchfork today that they were running a trailer (see below) for a new concert film documenting James Murphy and gang’s last performance in NYC in 2011.  I’m a sucker for music documentaries and I’m a fan of LCD, so this will be something I’ll be writing about.  Since I won’t be attending Sundance this year (ok, I’ve never attended Sundance), I’ll have to wait until it makes its way to theaters.  Having witnessed the power of their live show once, I’m thinking this will be pretty entertaining and James Murphy seems like he would be a fun person to follow around with a camera.

Here’s a few other music documentaries to tide you over while you wait:

  • Dig – A fascinating look at two bands trying to “make it”.  One succeeds, the other not so much.  In addition to the music, a great character study of the two lead singers.
  • Power of Salad – A little harder to find, but a great short documentary about noise rock pioneers Lightning Bolt.  Shows off the adrenaline and racket (I saw them once and it was definitely the loudest show I’ve witnessed) of their live show, as they rock anywhere from small clubs to some dudes’ kitchen.
  • The Filth and the Fury – Telling the story of the Sex Pistols makes for good film, and Julien Temple does not disappoint with candid comments from the surviving members.
  • Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii – Of course Pink Floyd would play a live set in the ruins of an amphitheater at Pompeii.  Filmed in 1972, before Dark Side, this covers material from Saucerful of Secrets and Meddle, with some in-studio cut-aways to the making of Dark Side.

I could keep on going, but that should be a good start.  Any one else have any favorite music documentaries?