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Liars and Cherry Glazerr @ The Fonda, May 27, 2014

June 2, 2014

Back to the Fonda two weeks after seeing Charles Bradley to see something entirely different musically, the Liars. While Bradley does Motown era soul and funk very well, the Liars have constantly moved across musical genres, most recently landing on electronic based rock. I was hoping that Liars would be as good a live act as Bradley and based on video and internet commentry it seemed likely.

Before Liars, local band Cherry Glazerr took the stage. I knew they were local (given the name in honor of a local PBS radio correspondent) but I didn’t know they were so young.  Two of the band members are under 18 and bassist Sean Redman is an ancient 22.  Lead singer Clementine Creevy exuded that detached cool that only a 17 year old can have and she has a strong vocal presence that hopefully will continue to grow as she gets older.  Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe got some good grooves going.  I thought they might just be straight forward punk, but they had some more complex rhythms and tempos.  I would definitely go see them again and I hope this is just the beginning for them.

The Liars new album Mess has a ball of unraveling multi-colored yarn on its cover.  Lead singer Angus Andrew came out in all white with a mask with the same multi-colored yarn that made him look like a scarier version of Animal.  They launched into songs from the new album and lead single from the album, Mess on A Mission, really got the crowd moving as Angus dismissed his mask and whipped around his long blond hair with the banging drums of Julian Gross and the synths and electronic blips and burps of Aaron Hemphill.  Occasionally they picked up a guitar, but true to the new album’s direction, the electronics and beats ruled.  Still, the roots of the band seem to come through as the songs rolled on like some of their earlier works and their music has always been fueled by an engine of percussion.

Angus Andrew was made to be a front man in the same way Bradley is.  They have command over the crowd and feel completely comfortable singing and dancing.  Andrew took it completely in stride when someone threw a jean jacket that hit him in the face when they came out for their encore.  He simply took the jacket that was probably a few sizes too small, put it on and ripped through the encore wearing it.

They breezed through about an hour of material, including that encore that dusted off a classic from their noise rock past, Broken Witch that didn’t seem at all out of place with their new songs.  Another band from my must-see list crossed off.

Here’s  a video from the concert: