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Norwegian….Death Metal?

April 9, 2010

Right after I had just written about a neat little music documentary, I ran across a much different music documentary on Sundance Channel.  Until The Light Take Us is a 2008 documentary about Norwegian death metal.  I’ve never had more than a passing interest in metal, and certainly the darker subgenres of metal have never garnered any attention for me (and I’m not a teenager any more).  But, I’m of Norwegian descent and I’m a sucker for music and documentaries so I did not flip the channel.

I missed the first half hour, so I was a little in the dark as to the players that are interviewed.   Norwegian death metal must be an exclusive club, because they focused on a few bands and about 10 people were interviewed.  Maybe the other bands were out killing puppies or something.  Or burning churches.   A good bit of the film focuses on several churches that were burned in Norway in the early 90s and that were blamed on death metal fans/band members.  The blame is at least partially justified, as one member of the featured bands is convicted of several arsons.

Strangely, the music in the film is mostly brooding, downtempo electronic and not the music of the bands featured in film.  Huh?  Don’t know what that was all about, but it surely didn’t do anything to pick up the pace of what for the most part was a dull film.  I’m still mostly in the dark about what exactly separates Norwegian death metal from the goth guy at the mall dressed in black, with studded bracelets and dark eyeliner.  Church burning?  Bottom line, no need to watch this.