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Ty Segall, Wand, Endless Bummer, August 29, 2014 @ The Echo

October 9, 2014

IMG_0670In support of his new album, Manipulator, Ty Segall did a four night stint at The Echo in Los Angeles. We got tickets for the second night. Not only does he put out prodigious amounts of material, it seemed from videos of his live show that he puts as much effort into his concerts. I can now vouch personally that is the case.

There were two openers. First, Endless Bummer, a three piece punk band featuring the two owners of Highland Park’s Permanent Records. I only caught their last few songs. A solid take on California punk, nothing more nothing less. Hey, this is a side gig for them so I wasn’t expecting the second coming of the Minutemen.

Next up was another local band, Wand. A young looking five piece with a lot of guitars, I wasn’t sure what to expect. They really impressed me. As expected they were loud, but they were a tight band that mixed elements of basic guitar rock with some of the more theatrical elements of early English metal and prog rock. One of the tracks that I really liked is Flying Golem, which you can download here. Do it, it’s got one of my favorite riffs of the year so far! Looks like Ty Segall was involved in producing their debut, which makes total sense.

Having set a high bar, Ty came on ready to go. But he first spent a minute apologizing to the aunt of one of Wand’s band members since he had apparently fallen on her staging diving during Wand’s set. It was genuine and sweet, matching how he comes across in the interviews I’ve heard him give. After dedicating the first song (or was it the whole set?) he and his band (including Mikal Cronin) proceeded to tear it up for the next hour. Most of the set was made up from his excellent new album Manipulator. He played almost all the songs from the album! No complaints here, the songs sounded even better live with an even rawer take on some of the solos and some ferocious drumming.  He got a lot of folks crowd surfing, including some ladies who would neatly queue up on stage and then take their dive into the waiting arms of the crowd.

He also played the outstanding “I Bought My Eyes” and “Slaughterhouse” from the Slaughterhouse album.  I’ll admit I got some chills up my spine from the solos in those two.  He also threw out two covers, Motorhead’s Motorhead, which made sense, and then he closed the show with Bad Company’s Feel Like Makin’ Love, which wouldn’t seem to be an obvious choice for him, but he belted it out as he went out into the appreciative crowd.  A great show, can’t wait to see him again!

Someone recorded the entirety of his show the night after I went.  Video is here.